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The Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences prepares an encyclopedic multi-volume publication LANGUAGES OF THE WORLD 
(original Russian title: "Jazyki mira/языки мира").
Each volume is devoted to a particular genetic or areal group of languages. The books are published in Russian, among the authors are the leading authorities in respective languages from Russia and some other countries.
The articles in all volumes of LANGUAGES OF THE WORLD follow a standard  typologically oriented template which was specially designed for this publication. This ensures the comparability of all language descriptions throughout the encyclopedia. The description of each particular language includes:

  • sociolinguistic characterization
  • phonology and phonetics
  • detailed, semantically based morphosyntactic characterization
  • account of the peculiarities of the lexicon
  • the dialect system
  • relevant bibliography

The books of the series provide an in-depth linguistic description but can also be used as reference sources by historians, ethnographers, sociologists, and everyone interested in languages and language studies. Each volume contains descriptions of all ancient and modern languages of the group known to science, as well as a general article on the group as a whole. All volumes are hard-bound, except the one on Dardic and Nuristani languages. Newer volumes (those published in 1999 and later) are supplied with language maps

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            VOLUMES of the SERIES

Uralic languages 1993

out of print; CD-version is been preparing

Turkic languages 1997 542
Mongolian, Tungus, Japanese and Korean languages 1997 407
Paleoasiatic languages 1997 230
Iranian languages, vol. 1: Southwestern group 1997 206
Iranian languages, vol. 2: Northwestern group 1999 304
Iranian languages, vol. 3: Eastern group 1999 344
Dardic and Nuristani languages 1999 144
Caucasian languages 1999 474 available only in the CD-version
Germanic and Celtic languages 2000 472 available only in the CD-version
Romance languages 2001 720  
Indo-Aryan languages of Old & Middle periods 2004 160  
Slavic languages 2005 656  
Baltic languages 2006 224  

            IN PRESS

Semitic languages 2007  

            IN PREPARATION

Dravidian languages 2008   
Indo-Aryan languages of New period 2007  
Indo-European and pre-Indo-European languages of the Mediterranean & the Middle East 2007  
By now 14 volumes have been published. available only in the CD-version The "Uralic languages", "Caucasian languages" & "Germanic and Celtic languages" are currently out of print, but the latter is available in the CD-version and we are preparing CD-version of the former two.
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