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1) Во время южноафриканской оккупации Намибии из бушменов был сформирован спец. Бушменский батальон в рамках SWATF. После вывода основных войск ЮАР (SADF) бушменам был предложен выбор: остаться в Намибии или уехать вместе с семьями в ЮАР. Больше половины выбрали ЮАР и в марте 1990 г. 1925 чел. были перевезены в ЮАР и поселены в палаточном лагере возле Схмидтсдрифа (Schmidtsdrif), по ниж. теч. р. Хартс [В. Сев.-Капской пров.], недалеко от г. Кимберли.

SWATF (Территориальные Силы Юго-Западной Африки, South West Africa Territorial Force) – войска, в которых служили белые намибийцы и которые поддерживали SADF.

SADF (Южно-Африканские Вооруженные Силы, South African Defence Forces) – до 1989 г. вместе с полицией контролировали территорию Намибии.

2) [Traill 2002: 44]:

In 1973 at Nossop camp I also interviewed /Okos, a woman who claimed to be the last speaker of what she called /Nuhci (i.e. /’Auo). This was probably close to the truth. I went through all the grammatical and lexical material Dorothea Bleek had published on the /’Auni language in 1937 and I found that /Okos had maintained the language in every detail.

[Güldemann 2000:10]:

The other variety called N/huki was recorded by Westphal on two field trips to Tweerivieren which according to his notes took place in 1961 and 1967. He published only scanty information in various articles on Khoisan classification (Westphal 1962, 1963, 1965, 1971). His valuable field notes (also hosted by the University of Cape Town: Manuscripts and Archives Department) are presently analyzed by the editor and may possibly be prepared for a later publication. As there is considerable uncertainty about the languages once spoken and partially recorded in this wider area, it is useful to note that one of Westphal's main N/huki informants was /Okos. During her encounter in 1973 with Traill (1974: 42-3, 1995: 15), this woman called her language again N/uhki, but herself an ETHNIC /'Auni. This is pudpling since the LANGUAGE /'Auni as recorded by Bleek (1937a, b and unpublished field notes) is in terms of grammatical details quite distinct from varieties of the Gordonia cluster. Whatever the ethnic and linguistic identity of /Okos was, the data she ventured on the occasion of Westphal's research is slightly different, yet very close to #Khomani. Thus, what Westphal calls N/huki belongs linguistically to the group at issue and must not be confused with the /'Auni language.



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