Timur Maisak
{ sometimes spelled: Majsak, Maysak | pronounced /majsa'k/ }

Тимур Майсак

 Timur Maisak, Oct. 2010

Senior Researcher 
Dept. of Caucasian Languages,
Institute of Linguistics,
Russian Academy of Sciences

Ph.D. (2002)

Research interests:
* East Caucasian languages
* morphological and semantic typology
* grammatical categories of the verb (tense-aspect-mood)
* spatial expressions
* historical linguistics and grammaticalization theory



Postal address:

Russia, 125009, Moscow
Bolshoj Kislovskij pereulok, 1/1
Institute of Linguistics
Dept. of Caucasian Languages

Fax (office):
+7 495 6900528

Selected publications in English


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20 September, 2011: Tense, aspect, modality and finiteness in East Caucasian languages added.

10 December, 2010: this web-page appeared online!

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