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LINGUARIUM Publications

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The main publications of Linguarium project include Atlas of the Languages of the World series. Each issue of the series concerns a certain genetic (or sometimes areal) grouping. Up to date only two issues are published (see on the right). In future we hope to publish much more of them and eventually gather them in more large-scale edition.

Simultaneously we work on other edition which will contain a lot of maps - Atlas of the languages of Russia. In the first it will be published in Russian but later we hope to translate it to English.

All our maps are full-colored and in English.

First it began from black-white maps for the encyclopedic series Languages of the World (in Russian), but soon the independant project has been developed.   

Click on a title to see the table of contents and sample map.

title release No of maps

            AVAILABLE SETS

Romance languages 2001


Caucasian languages 2002 18

            IN PREPARATION

Slavic & Baltic languages 2005
Turkic languages 2005
Mongolian languages 2005
Tungus languages 2005
Semitic languages 2005  
Relict languages of Eurasia 2005  

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