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Atlas of the Caucasian Languages
with Language Guide
In series: Linguarium - ATLAS of the LANGUAGES of the WORLD (ALW)

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This set is the second issue of the "Atlas of the Languages of the World" series. It is devoted to the North Caucasian and Kartvelian languages and comprises 18 multicoloured maps (17 map plates 280x200 mm) and Text part (32 pages). See Cover in pdf-format. See also later and imroved Russian edition.


INTRODUCTION to the ALW series

OVERVIEW. Contains short information about Caucasian languages & Caucasia in general: inner grouping, outer affiliation, administrative division of the region, national languages and bi- & multilingualism. Includes also Genealogic Chart.

Guide. Covers all groups, languages and dialects of the group concerned and contains following categories of data: index codes, all linguonyms in English and many in other languages, autolinguonyms, number of speakers, location, scripts, other languages used, condition of language "health", interlinguistic relationships and notes on ethnic groups (see more detailed information in Introduction). Includes two sections: North Caucasian and Kartvelian.

Index. Last but not least part of the ALW. It contains all linguonyms and ethnonyms mentioned in other parts. All names are ordered alphabetically: first of all come names in Latin script, then in other scripts used in the Guide (especially in Cyrillic). Each name is identified with the index code which helps to find this linguonym in the Guide.

All Atlas except maps is available as one pdf-file.

Atlas. All idioms having separate entries in the Guide are shown on the maps. There are overview maps for all Caucasian languages and for some Caucasian languages’ groups, as well as several historical linguistic maps (Adyghe-Abkhaz in mid. 19th century, Veynakh in early 20th c., Agvan area) and detailed maps for linguistically more complex areas of Caucasus (Abkhazia, Andic languages, Alazani-Avtoran valley, etc).

List of Maps (17 unbound leaves; #7 & #13 share one leave):

  1. North Caucasian & Kartvelian: Overview (Caucasus area)
  2. shown all Caucasian languages spoken in the Caucasia
  3. Circassian: Western part
  4. Circassian in Krasnodarsky territory and Adygea Republic
  5. Kabardian & Abaza
  6. Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia and adjacent areas
  7. Adyghe-Abkhaz in mid. 19th century (Western part)
  8. all Adyghe-Abkhaz (exc. of Kabarda) before exodus to Ottoman Empire
  9. Abkhazia
  10. Abkhaz, Georgian, Mingrelian & Svan before Civil war (early 1990s)
  11. Veynakh (late 20th century)
  12. Chechnya, Ingushetia & east of North Ossetia in early and late 1990s
  13. Veynakh in early 20th century
  14. Veynakh before deportation to Siberia & Central Asia
  15. Dagestanian languages: Overview
  16. Nakh-Dagestanic of Dagestan & north Azerbaijan
  17. Dagestanian languages: West
  18. Andic & Didoic languages and west of Avar area
  19. Dagestanian languages: Center
  20. Dargwic & Lak languages, east of Avar area & Archi language
  21. Dagestanian languages: South
  22. Lezgic & southern outliers of Lak & Dargwic 150dpi 300dpi
  23. Alazani-Avtoran valley
  24. Georgian, Avar, Tsakhur in Qax-Zaqatala-Balakan area & east Kakhetia 300dpi
  25. Agvan area in Middle Ages
  26. Agvan-Udi from 4th to 19th centuries
  27. Kartvelian: Overview
  28. Kartvelian in Georgia, Azerbaijan & north-east Turkey
  29. Kartvelian: North-West
  30. Svan, Mingrelian & north-west of Georgian in Georgia
  31. Kartvelian: South-West
  32. Laz & south-west of Georgian in Turkey & Georgia
  33. Kartvelian: North & Center and southern Nakh
  34. Georgian, Bats & Kisti in mid-Georgia
  35. Caucasian languages in Turkey
  36. Adyghe-Abkhaz, Veynakh, Dagestanic, Laz & Georgian in diaspora

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